About Us


Norseman Holdings is based in the East Midlands, and draws on 35 years experience in commercial property development, investment and management.

We have a tradition of being forward looking. A clear sense of vision has helped us to create innovative and complex schemes, as well as to see the potential in ailing developments and remove the barriers that deter other developers from taking on a project.

Whether it’s the UK or North America, each development is driven from an innate belief in flexibility - from the way Norseman finances a project to the approach we take to developing and ultimately, marketing it. In everything else we are uncompromising. Our buildings will always be sustainable, imaginatively designed and developed to provide secure and well-managed facilities that exceed expectations. We will faithfully work to deliver optimum solutions for both the public and private sectors. And Norseman will continuously strive to improve on the high standards that allow us to deliver real, sustainable solutions to even the most complicated of projects.